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Año Nombre Asociación
2011 A PC-based architecture for parameter analysis of vector-controlled induction motor drive Computers and Electrical Engineering (JCR)
2011  Adjustable Speed Drive Project for Teaching a Servo Systems Course Laboratory IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION  (JCR)
2011 Application of Morphological Connected Openings and Levelings on Magnetic Resonance Images of the Brain Journal of Applied Research and Technology (JCR)
2012 Design and Implementation of an Adjustable Speed Drive for Motion Control Applications Journal of Applied Research and Technology (JCR)
2012 Morphological Contrast Index Based on the Webers Law (JCR)
2012 An approach to motion control applications based on advenced programmable devices International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (JCR)
2013 A Review of Parameter Estimators and controllers fro induction motors based on artificial neural networks Neurocomputing  (JCR)
2013 A New Adaptive Self-Tuning Fourier Coefficients Algorithm for Periodic Torque Ripple Minimization in PMSM Sensors 2013
2013 Condition monitoring system based on FPGA for a Wind turbine International Journal of Mechatronics Design and Applications,
2014 A project-oriented approach for power electronics and motor drive courses JCR
2014 Design and Construction of a Didactic 3-DOF parallel Links Robot Statio with a 1-DOF Gripper – JCR Journal of Applied Research and Technology
2014 A Model and Simulation of a Five-Degree-of-Freedom Robotic Arm for Mechatronic Course IEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS,
2014 Fast Square Root Calculation for DTC Magnetic IEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS
2014 Sequential application of viscous opening and lower leveling for threedimensional brain Journal of Electronic Imaging
2015 Kinematics modeling and simulation of an autonomous ominirectional robot Ingeniería e Investigación
2015 Morphological Filtering Algorithm for Restoring Images Contaminated by Impulse Noise
2015 Sensors – Sensorless FOC ANN Sensors (JCR)
2015 A slightlymodified indirect field orientedcontrollerforvoltage-fed – JCR European Journal of Control
2015 A project-oriented approach for power electronics and motor drive courses International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
2015 Mechatronics methodology: 15 years of experience (Metodología mecatrónica: 15 años de experiencia) Ingeniería e Investigación vol. 35 n.° 3
2016 Didactic Platform for Image Processing Experiments based on Digital Design EIEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS
2016 Dual-Phase Lock-In Amplifier Based on FPGA for Low-Frequencies Experiments Sensors (JCR)
2017 Isolated Converter for Power Factor Improvement in a Brushless DC Motor Driver (Convertidor Aislado para mejorar el Factor de Potencia en un Controlador de un Motor CD sin escobillas) INGENIERÍA E INVESTIGACIÓN VOL. 37 N.° 3
2017 Analysis and implementation of a finitecontrol-set by using model solution-based control for three-phase VSI IET Power Electronics
2018 DWT-based methodology for detection of seismic precursors on electric field signals in Mexico GEOMATICS, NATURAL HAZARDS AND RISK, 2018
VOL. 9, NO. 1, 281–294
2018 An FPGA-based open architecture industrial robot controller IEEE Access
2018 Frequency and Time-Frequency Analysis of Cutting Force and Vibration Signals for Tool Condition Monitoring IEEE Access
2018 A Multidisciplinary Industrial Robot Approach for Teaching Mechatronics-Related Courses IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION
2018 Robust Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Using Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Control IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
2018 A discrete simulation-based algorithm for the technological investigation of 2.5D milling operations Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
2018 An Approach to STFT and CWT Learning Through Music Hands-on Labs Computer Applications in Engineering Education


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